5 Ways to Feed Your Dog Medicine

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When our furry friends fall ill, not only are we unhappy but so are they! Depending on the pedigree and lifestyle of your dog, different medicines get prescribed based on the respective illness. As dogs are known to have immaculate senses, as well as possibly a much, talked about “sixth sense”, they can sniff from a mile away if the medicine is coming their way. Depending on his/her temperament, it could even be a bit of a nightmare to feed them these various medicines/capsules. Here are some easy ways to make your furry friend feel better and as fit as a fiddle!

  • Bread like Butter – A slide of bread could work wonders. You could dab the slice of bread with a bit of water to make the consistency moist. Mould the bread into a ball and gently wedge the capsule in without it falling apart. Avoid the scattering of the crumbs as you might give out a hint to him/her that something sour is coming their way.animals, animals online, newsonpets, pets, pet news, butter, global,
  • You Scream Ice-Cream –This is possibly the best method and definitely a highly recommended technique even by vets. You could either make the medicine in powder form or mix it up in the scoops of (somewhat melted) ice cream then toss it in for them to lick away and devour. It is best served with strictly Vanilla Ice Cream. Based on research, vanilla ice cream is the safest flavour to feed your dog. That being said do keep in mind your dog’s health as well as their allergies. (In case they might/are lactose intolerant.)animals online, animals, newsonpets, pets, pet news, love, ice cream
  • Yum Yogurt in My Tum – Another healthy alternative alongside the capsule to feed your dog! A large spoonful of plain Greek yogurt can be extremely beneficial for your dog. Based on research, vets recommend owners to give a spoon of yogurt to their dogs, on a daily basis. This is because of the high levels of probiotics found in yogurt. It helps your dog digest his/her food better. In countries that experience extremely hot weather, the yogurt can be a nice and refreshing snack for your furry pal. Also, it is recommended that you make a list of your dog’s allergies (in case they might/are lactose intolerant). Yogurt can be served with either as an acai bowl with suitable dog-friendly fruits or with a drop of honey.
    newsonpets, pet news, animals, animals online, pet news, medicines
  • Whip It with Honey – Sounds like it could make for an extremely sweet and tempting dessert for your dog? Time to change up your regime before your dog knows what you’re up to. You can mix the capsule (in either powder form or solid form) with one tiny teaspoon of honey. As it’s got that thick syrup-like texture, the capsule glues itself to the honey’s moisture. Voila! You have a sugary surprise in a capsule! An extra lick from your furry friend is assured. Dogs have a great liking for raw honey. It’s safe for you to set aside a small dose of honey for him/her. Although don’t get lured into the trap of feeding them honey daily. Pups and dogs should not get into the habit of consuming honey on the regular as not only can it cause tooth decay, similarly for humans, but also can affect the dog’s immune system. Honey is high in calories and hence you must exercise control whilst feeding him/her.newsonpets, pet news, love, share, honey, news, globalHope these tips help you to feed your dog that daily dose of medicine. Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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