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Dogs are known to be the most loyal companions; however, the manner of their upbringing plays a huge role. When they’re brought into a new space, it is imperative to understand that they are well trained. Going forward, this would reduce the occurrence of aggressive traits. That being said, there could be scenarios wherein the dog could’ve undergone trauma, stress and hardships in its initial years, that can also constitute to the fierce and rowdy behavior. While breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Indie Pariahs, Golden Retrievers, Shiz Tzus, Chihuahuas are familial dogs, there are breeds like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pitbulls that require slightly more commitment and time. These are the breeds of dogs that are often not considered to be homely dogs due to their innate mannerisms and characteristics.


From the large breed aspect, Rottweilers top the list as watch dogs as due to a domestic demeanour. It is i. This breed is extremely intelligent and agile. Speaking to Alton Fernandes, who was a pet parent of the late Rottweiler Jake says, “I always wanted a dog to keep my family busy. Since my cousin brother had a female Rottweiler in Goa, whenever I was in Goa, I always played around with her. Her compassion and love towards me are just beyond words. I had never seen a dog cry until she did whenever I left. That’s when I decided Rottweiler is the breed, I wanted no other. As perceived to be that they are one of the scariest dog breeds to be kept as house pets, I completely disagree. I had trained Jake to be friendly with everyone and he obeyed me always. Complaints never knocked our doors and the bond we shared, although now memories will always be cherished. Like the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover”.

German Shepherd

Due to their stature, German Shepherds appear to be extremely hostile. Most of them are also a part of the police force. They undergo an intense training regime. However, as pets they are definitely a people’s person says Kshitij Kulkarni. “Tyra, my pet German Shepherd is a sweetheart. She barks at the first instance and then is your best friend. Tyra isn’t afraid of people, rather people are afraid of her. We have people coming to our place all throughout the day, however never has Tyra bitten anyone. German Shepherds are as adorable as any other dog breeds. Unless and until you fidget or act funny in front of her, she will cause no harm. She is the total opposite of what people think German Shepherds are, a one family dog and obedient as well as friendly and definitely a perfect house pet”.


Similarly, breeds like Pitbulls, Dobermen too are belligerent. But there is a flipside to it, they too can be a lovely addition to your households!

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